Nathan & Gillian’s Wedding

Can you tell it’s blog catch-up time?  I apparently do this stuff in an all-or-nothing type approach.

Anyway, we got to attend the wedding of one of my best friends this summer in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Nathan and his new wife, Gillian, hosted an amazing wedding in one of the coolest venues ever – a library!  John and I were ushers and Jared was a groomsman, so it was awesome to get to spend a short weekend with my Beta pledge brothers and old roommates.  The wedding was the same weekend that our vacation to Gulf Shores was ending, so we didn’t get in town until Saturday.  Unfortunately we missed an awesome rehearsal dinner on a Mississippi riverboat.  Bummer.

These pictures all turned out pretty poor.  That won’t stop me from posting them, though!  For some better pics and a more in-depth review, check out Lauren’s post over on Perpetually Chic (which was much more timely filed).

It’s also worth noting that Nathan and Gillian are both doctors, so their wedding was full of other doctors.  Nothing like a room full of doctors to make you question your own intelligence level…

Congrats, Nathan and Gillian!

9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-10.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-8.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-11.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-2.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-1.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-4.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-5.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-6.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-3.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-7.jpg
9th & Elm - Luscri Wedding-9.jpg

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  1. i think the pics were great!!! i love the pic of you and craig with the same suit! :) i would love to have copies of these pictures from your blog!!

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