Sprinkler Install (v1)

Obviously you’ve been sitting around thinking: I wonder what Jason and Meghan did over the weekend?  Well, lucky you for, I’ve got an update.  We’ve starting putting a sprinkler system in our back yard!  Yep, it’s as awesome as you might imagine.  And if by awesome you mean horrible and maybe one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had, you might be on the right track.  That’s for sure what I was thinking on Sunday afternoon.  And Meghan was thinking it Saturday morning.

Actually, it was a LONG weekend of rather hard work, but we survived so far.  Here’s a few pictures of things up through the trenching phase: a trip to Lowe’s, unloading 44 pipes (not enough – 16 more purchased so far), renting a trencher, running PVC under concrete, and laying everything out.  We should have some more later this week of the actual trenches and maybe, someday, of actual pipes being laid and the sprinklers actually functioning.  There’s already been a second trip to Lowes and to a cool, real man’s plumbing shop in Jonesboro.  We’re shooting for completion this weekend.  (At least I am.  Meghan’s not so sure.)  Gotta keep the faith…

9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-1.jpg
9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-3.jpg
9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-2.jpg
9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-4.jpg
9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-5.jpg
9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-6.jpg
9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-7.jpg
9th & Elm - Sprinklers v1-8.jpg



  1. oh my. :) Dad is so impressed his truck made the blog. :) Just remember how nice this will all be when completed!!!!! Love the pic of Meghan’s toes. :)

  2. Oh, I can feel your pain. The first year I lived in Kennett, my SIL came and installed my sprinkler system. Neither had ever had any experience. David had a broken foot and was in a cast. Weather was hot and humid. And by the grace of God it was installed and worked very well. Take heart….

  3. You guys crack me up….helping me pass the time until the students go out side and get hurt!!!!!!then the fun begins….job security.

  4. WHAT! Tom is driving me crazy with home improvements at our new place….the project of taking carpet up and put laminate floors down that was suppose to take 1 day took 4, but we are still married…geeeez you men….

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