Cape Cod (part 4): The Platinum Pebble

So in a shocking turn of events, Meghan located the bed and breakfast that we called home during our time on Cape Cod.  This would usually be the province of either Lauren or me, so we were all impressed Meghan found what turned out to be such an aweseome place.

The Platinum Pebble in Harwich, MA has got to be the most outstanding, nontraditional bed and breakfast ever created.  Owners Simon and Annabelle are world travelers who have currently landed in Cape Cod and decided to become innkeepers.  The B&B just underwent a MAJOR renovation, which only completely wrapped up a few months before we arrived.  In fact, the grand opening was scheduled to occur just a day or two after our departure.  The Platinum Pebble has amazing decor and furnishings, terrific service, and comes with owners with awesome British accents at no extra charge.  (Check out that super-cool red iPod speaker in the slideshow.  Yeah, I need one of those.  Click here to purchase it for me.)  If you’re going to Cape Cod, you’ve simply got to book a few days at The Platinum Pebble.  Check out Perpetually Chic for more images from the stay.


On the way back to the airport, we stopped in to see the Ashcraft family at their home in Boston.  Nathan was my first roommate at the Beta house and was (and is) a close friend of both John and I.  He and his wife just welcomed a new baby girl into the world a few months before our arrival and it was great to get to see them all in person.  For some reason, Meghan and I neglected to bring in our cameras, so check out the Ashcraft’s blog and Lauren’s blog for pictures from the visit.

So I think I’m finally out of decently entertaining images to share from the trip.  In full disclosure, Meghan actually took most of the pictures I posted (as much as it pains me to admit it).

One final note — a big thanks to Joe Craig for making this trip possible.  Without going in to tons of detail, Joe’s a pleasure to work both for and with and has always treated his friends extremely well.  Thanks, Joe.

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